Tadpole Lane Farm
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Cross Country Course

The cross country course is opened for the season! Come enjoy our course while getting your horse ready for the show season!

We Look Forward To Seeing You Enjoying The Cross Country Course!


In July 2011 we began construction on our newest part of the facility, the cross country schooling course!
This course will be open to the boarders as well as the public. The public is welcome to trailer in for schooling. We request a copy of your horse's coggins and a signed release upon your arrival. Releases are located in the large mailbox near the entrance to the course. Please place your signed release, fee and coggins in the small mailbox also located near the entrance to the course.
We also request that reservations are made at least 24 hours in advance for any one wishing to trailer in.
The cost for trailering in to school is $20 per horse and rider pair for 2 hours and an additional $10 for every hour after the initial 2 hours. The initial 2 hours begins when you arrive on the property and ends when leave the property.
We require that any one riding on the course has an ASTM/SEI certified helmet and appropriate footwear. Vests are highly recommended.
Boarders wishing to school on the cross country course will need to sign a release. However, there will be no schooling fee for boarders.
We have established a minimum age of 10 for riders on the Cross Country Course.
Tadpole also requires that there are no more than 5 horses on the course at a time.

Our object for the construction of the cross country course is to give young horses and young riders or horses and riders new to the sport of eventing a place where they can build confidence. Our fences range in height from 12" to 2'6". We intend to keep the course simple and invitng while adding more challenging elements for more experienced horses and riders.

Currently the cross country course contains: a bank complex, a bench, 2 coops, 2 tables, a bush fence, a brush fence, a branch pile, a roll top, an arrowhead, a corner, a ditch complex, a trakehner, 2 tire fences and a grass fence. The course also contains water that you are welcome to take your horses in! We are still in the process of construction. We are planning to add log fences, a canoe fence and barrel fences. We are also considering the addition of a swimming pond that can also be used as a water hazard on the cross country course.


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