Come Enjoy Our Course!

Our cross country course is open year-round (weather permitting).

Give us a call at (814) 692-4061 to check availability and conditions of the course! We look forward to seeing you enjoying it!

What's the Course Like?

Our cross country course is designed to give young horses and young riders, or horses and riders new to the sport of eventing a place where they can build confidence. We kept the course simple and inviting, while adding more challenging elements for more experienced horses and riders.

Currently the cross country course contains a bank complex, bench, coops, tables, and a variety of other fences. Our fences range in height from 12" to 2' 6", and there are a few that can be adjusted to go higher.

If needed, water is available close by for horse to drink, or for you to spray them off.

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cross country course
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cross country course
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cross country course
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cross country course
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cross country course

How Can I Use The Course?

The course is open to boarders as well as the public! To make reservations, call us at (814) 692-4061. We request that reservations are made at least 24 hours in advance for anyone wishing to trailer in.

We require the following when using the course:

  • a copy of your horse's coggins
  • course fee ($25 per horse & rider pair). Trainers who are accompanying their students are free
  • a signed release form (located in the large mailbox near the course entrance)
  • ASTM/SEI certified helmet, vest, and appropriate footwear
  • riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or trainer
Note for Boarders: boarders will need to sign a release, however, there will be no fee.

Please place your coggins, course fee, and signed release in the small mailbox, which is also located near the course entrance.

Is There A Time Limit?

There is no time limit!